Children of Chaos @ Burning Man

"Chaos is the score upon which reality is written." -Henry Miller

Children of Chaos Camp 2019

  Come and visit Children of Chaos Camp and join us for our special events at Burning Man 2019! Our camp is at 5:30 and Rod’s Road. Here are our … Continue reading

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Larry Harvey Memorial

The sudden loss of Burning Man’s brilliant co-founder and Chief Philosophical Officer was a shock. Larry Harvey left us at the pinnacle of his astoundingly creative career.  A huge exhibition … Continue reading

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Best Playa Gifts for Burning Man

I have been given many wonderful gifts at Burning Man over the past 15 years. It is a playa tradition to give gifts but it is not a requirement and … Continue reading

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2011 – 2019: Illuminated Spectres & Maximón

To celebrate 2011 Burning Man theme, Rites of Passage, the Children of Chaos created all white costumes, highlighted with illumination, to honor the veil between the worlds of light and … Continue reading

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2017: Trumpy Dumps

The 2017 Burning Man theme was Radical Ritual and the Children of Chaos created a ritual of protest against our 45th president. It started out as a silent tableau but … Continue reading

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2016: The Last Summer

To celebrate the 2016 Burning Man theme, Da Vinci’s Workshop, the Children of Chaos presented The Last Summer, a playa tableau inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper. When discussing … Continue reading

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Food for Burning Man – Tenters Edition

Sue Gemmel has become the Queen of Tenting at Burning Man. Every year she refines her wonderful set up and improves her cuisine. I asked her to share tips about the … Continue reading

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